Welcome to Sketch Paper Design 

SPD provides “boutique style” production services.  We can offer you a complete pre to post  production package or a la carte services depending on your projects necessities.  SPD can also facilitate your project with its in-house art directors, full art department, custom scene / prop shop, pre-lit stage, production office space and on-site prop house.  SPD is a balance of art department and production.

SPD has created a unique system to streamline the process of productions.  By keeping every aspect of production in-house we are able to keep the costs down and the timelines tight and in doing so we are able to pass the savings onto you and your production.  Working with experienced artisans and our close relationships with vendors we can insure high quality products for a reasonable price in the tighter deadlines our industry is seeing more frequently.

Pre to Post Production Packages Available  &  New Media Specialists


Stage Pic-border

Cyc Stage


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